He was winter to her. Whenever she thought of their relationship everything was framed in winter— hot drinks, heavy sweaters, their breaths white together on the frigid air when they took their walks. They had been together in the summer too, but he wasn’t summer to her. He was always winter. It made her think we assign people— lovers especially— seasons in our minds.

—Jonathan Carroll (via browndresswithwhitedots)

The ustazahs daughter

I had Arabic clas yester and the ustazahs daughter kept interrupting the class n as a last resort she have her the phone to watch upin ipin, after a few moments we heard a small almost fake cry like a groan or moaning from her. She wasn’t crying for attention from her mother but was crying into the phone! turns out the reception at that area was bad so she was frustrated

That’s how I feel right now

My phones’ data limit has been reached at 5g. I refuse to buy additional data. The wifi at work blocks everything I want to be on. The one at home is slow coz of internet tv. We just cancelled out Astro subscription.